Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Goodbye, Charlie

Did you know PetCo does pet adoptions?  I didn't until May 2007 when we went in for some Carefresh and saw a little guy needing adopted.  His name was Charlie, and he stole our hearts.  We walked out with Carefresh, and Charlie.

He was a great pig.  We had three others at the time we got him, and all were older.  He seemed to know that they demanded more attention at the moment but his time was coming, and boy did it.  Near the end he would be out sitting on us well over an hour each evening.  (Some nights it would be more like 2 hours.)

He was always a happy pig, and until the last seven weeks (or is that wheeks) of his life, he was quite healthy.  He lived with three roommates, but needed to be seperated because they were starting not to let him eat as much.  He lived seven weeks by himself, with LOTS of attention from us.  Since he was alone and had been used to living with other pigs, I had to help take up the slack on his socialization. 

Charlie always enjoyed helping when he could with my contests.  He co-starred in a video I made for an eBay contest.  He was in a photo of "How do you tailgate" for a chip company.  He was even in The National Examiner.  That was a funny story.  I spread a Fisher Price Noah's Ark around him and captioned the photo "Charlie enjoys playing Noah's Ark."  When the woman called to tell me it would be printed she asked "Exactly HOW does he play Noah's Ark?"  (Um, okay, he's a guinea pig sitting in the middle of a Noah's Ark set, doesn't that give someone a clue?  LOL!)

I miss that little guy looking for food as I pass by (his last home was right by the kitchen and even if I went to fill up my tea glass, he still hoped for some goodie to be tossed his way.)

He was a good pig and will be missed.

Charlie Dickens
May 2007 - September 2010

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