Sunday, April 28, 2019

Pizza Hut on a Budget -- Use the app!

One of my travel tricks is earning points on everything I can. Another trick is getting things at a discount, and my third trick is when traveling sometimes I want something delivered, or if we are on the road, I want my meal ready when I arrive. 

I know that Pizza Hut and bargain are not words that often come in the same sentence for me, but I have been highly pleased with the prices we have found through the app.  I have ordered everything from $5.99 two topping large pizzas, $5 medium three topping pizzas, and 50% off regular menu prices.  What we order depends on what the special is.  I've actually found that Pizza Hut can be just a little over what a premium frozen pizza costs at the grocery store!  Who knew? 

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Touring The World of Coca-Cola -- Atlanta Georgia

It's been a few years since I have visited Coca-Cola World in Atlanta, but every time my husband and I have driven through Georgia, I have told him we need to visit there sometime as he has never been.

I was at a convention in Atlanta, and this was back when Coke had the rewards program going.  You could turn in points for a ticket into the museum.  This is what I did, and so the visit cost me nothing.  However, Coke Rewards is a thing of the past, and the current admission price is $17 for adults.  This is very high by my "Small Budget" standards.  Even so, I still recommend this because it is a couple hours entertainment.  Plus, this is not something you can do just anywhere, you have to be in Atlanta to visit.

I have always loved seeing where things are made,  pop culture (no pun intended -- okay so pun was intended), and I've always loved junk food and sugary snacks (and my waist line shows it.)  I also love Christmas, and where better to visit than the factory of the company who invented the American Santa Claus?

Friday, April 26, 2019


Visiting any Disney Park isn't exactly a budget friendly vacation, but I do regret that I never was able to visit one when I was growing up.  (In fact I still haven't been.)  So many people try to plan trips to "The Happiest Place on Earth" on a shoestring.  This isn't always very realistic, but did you know you can get your admission tickets to DisneyLand in Anaheim, California for free?

As is everything posted on Small Budget Big Travels, this is a legitimate deal!  It does take some work, but it's entirely possible.
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Swagbucks is a portal where you can earn points called SBs.  You can do this by doing searches, watching videos, surveys, printing and using grocery coupons, starting your online shopping there, plus many more ways of earning points.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

What Is The Best Choice For Your First Rewards Credit Card?

One of the ways I am able to travel and save so much money is by utilizing rewards credit cards to their maximum benefit.  When you get a credit card, treat it like cash.  Pay it off at the end of every month so you don't have to pay interest.  Using it wisely can net you some great benefits.  I sell on eBay as my main income.  I put my eBay bill, as much postage as I can, and even buying new inventory on a credit card.  It adds up quickly, as does my rewards.

FTC disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

But there is always the question of "What card is best for me?" and "What is the best first rewards credit card?"

My opinion is the Discover Card.  Why this card?   It's a good all around card.  There are no annual fees.  (Those are not always bad, as I talk about in other posts.)  It's a basic 1% back on spending.  You can chose to redeem for gift cards at a lower rate than the value of the card if you would rather have gift cards.  You can get a $50 Best Western gift card for only $45 in rewards.  There are also restaurant gift cards which could help you with costs on your next trip.