Saturday, October 23, 2010

Friends, Facebook and Phones

Tonight I was on Facebook and a childhood friend posted she lost her phone and asked if someone would call it so it would ring and she could find it.  I told her I was online, and in less than two minutes I was talking to Cindy.

I hadn't talked to her in 25 years.  We both agreed that it was meant to be that her phone got lost.  (When I called the sock pile she was folding started ringing!)  :)  Cindy moved to my town in 5th grade, and left in 8th.  That seems like a short time, but to kids, that seems like a huge amount of time.  She lived down the street from me, and we had some great memories together.  One summer day my family went to my grandparent's second place.  Cindy and I played in the creek, Dad grilled out.  Dad also left the car radio on all day, and ran down the battery.  Mom and Dad ended up walking a mile to the nearest neighbors to call and get someone to come and jump the battery in our car as this was before cell phones and before my grandparents moved into that property, so there was no phone.  In the meantime Cindy and I were cowered in the backseat of the car with a dead battery.  My grandmother kept teasing us that she saw bears (which she may have, but we were scared enough without having to be told there were bears around.)  The memories 10 year olds have.

We also talked about how we grew up in a small town and we'd walk to the Five and Ten.  It was not a big deal to walk somewhere.  Times sure have changed.  Everyone knew everyone, and if we did something wrong, someone was sure to tell our parents.  We couldn't get away with ANYTHING.  Think a 1980s Mayberry.  We still were able to go to houses of people we didn't know at Trick or Treat because we knew our parents would know those people.  Even during the days of the cyanide laced Tylenol, that was the outside world, not our town.

She said that even once she moved from here it was totally different because here when you went to church everyone knew everyone and we all know that grandmotherly lady at church would never steal a baby.  Now you can't be too careful. 

We had a great time laughing.  (She even told me which boy in our class was the first one she ever kissed with snuff in his mouth.) 

I love Facebook and getting to reconnect with old friends.  I told her tonight someday she's going to be the coolest grandmother because she'll be teaching her grandkids to breakdance and watch old 80s movies with them. 

I think her phone got lost for a reason.  Fourty minutes of laughs.  A short time to catch up on 25 years, but it was fun, and I'm thankful for a phone that landed in a pile of folded socks. 

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