Monday, January 23, 2012

"I hope our paths cross this year"

Some years back I read a story about a person who said they always put at the bottom of Christmas cards, "I hope our paths cross this year."  I had a neat experience like that recently.

I was traveling through Ohio and remembered some friends recently moved to Ohio from Missouri.  I hadn't seen them in 20 years since we were in college together.  Looked up where they lived, and it wasn't far out of my way, so I sent them a message and we were able to get together for about an hour at a local sandwich shop, which had great food and somewhere I never would have gone without a local suggesting it!

It wasn't a long visit, but yet it was a nice time to be able to catch up a little, be shocked at what 20 years does to appearances, and just spend a little time together.  I ate breakfast with one of the two friends every morning in the cafeteria in college one semester, so it almost felt like we were back at school before our 7:30 class!

The visit was fun, it was short and much easier to plan than if we spent a whole day together.  I even suggested we meet for lunch.  This let them off the hook of me saying "Why don't I drop by".  I think all these things helped add up to a great visit.

So in your travels this year, I hope there's someone who you can cross paths with whom you haven't seen in years.  Trust me, it's worth the effort to meet up even for only an hour!

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