Monday, July 2, 2012

Where I've been

Wow!  What a week!

I feel like I've totally disappeared, but that hasn't really happened!  My infection is back.  You may recall back in February I made a post about my hospital stay.  But the infection returned, and I'm on medicine that needs to be taken every six hours for a minimum of six months, but could be as long as a year.  So I haven't been feeling well.

Then Friday night, our power went out.  It didn't come back on until last evening, and of course, we lost everything in the fridge.  A friend who lives across town had electric and had some room in her deep freeze, so she took the more expensive items to her freezer.  I still estimate we lost over $100 of food from the freezer and fridge.  It could have been a lot more, though since we had a lot of meat I sent with my friend.

Then our cable (Internet) was out until today. 

I spent the weekend doing snail mail sweepstakes, did some cleaning, gave the guinea pig a bath, and also read quite a bit!

So I have been around, but not online very much lately!  I'm hoping to get back in the swing of blogging this week!


  1. check with your homeowners insurance - when we lost power due to hurricane Irene last summer, we could have submitted a claim to replace the food.

  2. Thanks, Chris, I will check about that. I think the roof might have been damaged, so we need to get that checked before we submit a claim. I'm glad the weekend is over and life is back to normal!