Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Trust on Facebook Status Updates: Or Why I don't play Status Games

I've been seeing more and more games going around on Facebook where someone will say something with the hopes people will "like" or comment on their status and they will be sucked in to the game where they will also "be required" to post a similar status on their page.

What does this do?  In my opinion, it devalues the honesty of everyone who participates.  If we, as Christians, are called to not lie, what does it say when we post something for the world to see that is not true.  (I avoid Facebook on April Fool's Day.  I don't know how many times I've seen engagment announcements, pregnancy announcements and the like with "April Fools!" tacked to the end.  To their credit, they DO have a disclaimer on them.)

I'm mainly talking about the status updates saying people are moving, won money on a scratch-off, or the one going around recently where you could choose from a number of statements ranging from that you forgot to wear underwear today, you voted for Obama in the last presidential election, the number of relationships you have been in with a very high number attached, and several others.

Image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

I had a non-Christian friend post on Facebook she was no longer going to play these games because she did it once, and she felt that it made people not trust what she was saying.  She said if she posted something she wanted everyone to know it was the truth and not second guess it.

I love her thinking.  Shouldn't we as Christians take the same attitude?  I know I want to be known as someone that if I say something, it's honest.  I don't want people to read my Facebook status and think, "Oh, that might be a game."

Besides, there's so many more interesting things in the world to post than something that isn't true.  Some of my best Facebook status updates sound like that have to be made up, but they are true.  I once had a grasshopper knock down a panel to a light.  I was in the hospital and my roommate was rambling about homeschooling and said Chuck Norris had a great homes school program.  They sound made up, but they weren't.

Next time you're tempted to participate in one of these status games, why not find something really interesting (and true) to post instead?   It's unique AND honest!  Plus, everyone will learn something cool about you!  What could be better than that?


  1. I just read a similar essay in Ladies Home Journal - her take was on those posts that make others' lives look perfect, while yours sucks, but of course you can't let other people know that!

  2. Teresa, Interesting article. But I'm talking more of the type that are supposed to raise awareness for something by saying you are moving. Or if you click like on my fake status you "have" to post something that is a lie about yourself. I know what you are saying, though, but I don't mind posting things like the washing machine overflowed, especially if there's a funny story about it or something! :-D People have told me my Facebook status updates are great. I try to make them different, amusing, and honest. Truth is more interesting than fiction, and why make up something when there's a whole world of interesting and true things around you. I had a friend this morning post a fun science fact. I love his status updates. He's a science teacher and always posting something cool he learned. :)