Sunday, May 3, 2015

Max Lucado: Let the Journey Begin

FTC disclaimer:  I am a Family Christian blogger and received this book and an appreciation certificate to facilitate my review and for hosting a giveaway.  Post does contain affiliate links.  All opinions are my own.

Let the Journey Begin: Finding God's Best For Your Life a great little hardcover gift book, perfect for graduation.  It is more of encouragement as to what the future holds.   While it would be great for the graduate, I think it would make a nice gift to a newlywed couple with a gift card to Family Christian tucked inside.   Why do I say that?  As I was reading this book, I was reminded what my fiance recently asked me.  We are getting in 20 days, and between wedding planning and renovating the house I inherited from my mother, we have had little to no free time.   I think back to the days when we would play a board game, watch a DVD, or participate in other hobbies.  We haven't had time to do anything other than wedding prep and house remodeling.  Add in the fact we each have been sick in the last month and we both work, time has been at a minimum.

What will we do once we get married?

That seems like an odd question, but our lives have been so full that we haven't had time to relax, or work on any goals apart from getting read for the wedding or remodeling the house.  It sounds like an odd question, but it's not as strange as it sounds.  It was his way of saying, "What do we want to accomplish next?"

As I was reading this book, I was reminded what we will want to accomplish next -- living God's plan.  God's plan often unfolds in unexpected ways.  We do what we can for the future and improve ourselves and our situation, and God will bring people into our lives that we can bless, love, and find community with them.

What is next after marriage?   I'm not sure.  I'll have a little more time to focus on my blog more.  I would like to get a women's group together.  Topic?  I'm unsure of it at this time.  But God knows.

Just as the chapters in this book:  God's plan for the Journey, A Fork in the Road, Dangers and Detours Ahead, Two for the Journey, life isn't set out in front of us.  I never expected to be getting married for the first time at age 41.  Yet, God allowed us to meet each other when the time was right.  God is wise beyond what we can imagine.  This book reminded me that He knows, and when it's the right time, His goodness is revealed to us.

Something I have recently encountered on a very much smaller scale is the work on the house.  Recently my fiance asked me what the kitchen was going to look like when it was completed.  I told him honestly, "I don't know."  I told him I sent the contractor to the home improvement store with a gift card and told him to buy what was needed.   I was then asked what color the kitchen was going to be.   Again, I shrugged it off and said, "Ask him."

Why am I so trusting?  He has proven he has better taste and style when it comes to renovating a home than I do.   He is a master craftsman.  A while back the water pipes burst and I had no option but to renovate the laundry room as it looked like this:

The water pipes froze and burst during the winter.  The water shut off valve was so "conveniently" placed beneath the floor when the house was built, so the only way to access it was to saw through the floor.  In the process of replacing water pipes the paneling had to be ripped from the walls.  When the contractor asked me what I wanted to do in that room, I first said, "Just the basics".  He started throwing out ideas that sounded fantastic, and I finally gave him a budget to stay under and free reign.  I had no idea what he would actually do in that room.   Imagine my surprise when I opened that room to reveal a new pantry.

If a human, who like all humans, are imperfect, can make something so wonderful from such a mess, what will happen when we allow God to take control of our lives?  Let's find out and Let the Journey Begin.


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