Monday, February 8, 2016

Reading Books when on a Budget

FTC disclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links.

I love to read.  I mean, I REALLY love to read.  That's all I did in the summers as a child, and I still read as much as I can when I can find the time.  (How to find time to read will be another post for another day!)

Books can be expensive.  Here are a few ideas on how to read on a budget.

1.  The library.  Most libraries have interlibrary loan so if they don't have the book you want, they can get it for you.  I try to use this sparingly at my library because state taxes support libraries, and I live out of state from my closest library that offers ILL.  I will on occasion use it, mainly for books I can't obtain in another method, but it's not my first choice.

2.  PaperBackSwap is a site I've enjoyed for years.   Anymore I primarily use it to create a wish list of books I would like to read and if they get posted in the system, I'm in line for receiving that book in the mail.  There are fees associated with it, including mailing books that others want.  But still a frugal way to get new to you reading material.

3.  Free (and low cost) Kindle books.  Did you know you don't have to have a Kindle to read Kindle eBooks?  Although I love my electronic ink Kindle and prefer it over other eReaders, you can download the Kindle app to your phone, computer, or tablet and read there.  This link takes you to the 100 top Free Kindle eBooks.   (I visit this link frequently.)  Publishers often have specials and the books that are free change often.  Most classics are also available free as well.   In addition, for $10 a month, you can subscribe to Kindle Unlimited.  You can try it free for 30 days.   I subscribed for a while, but life got so busy with my wedding planning last year I canceled my subscription and haven't resubscribed yet.  But you can 'borrow' up to 10 Kindle books at a time from certain titles (not all publishers have their books included.)  Many self-published titles are available, and I wanted to read a number of books about blogging, eBay selling, etc., and this saved me a lot of money compared to buying each of those books individually.

4.  Reviewing books.  If you have a blog, many book publishers have a book reviewing program.  Do a search on the Internet.

5.  Giveaways, Contests, and Sweepstakes.  There are thousands of books being given away on the Internet each month.  Goodreads hosts giveaways on a daily basis.  Do a web search for something like "book giveaway (insert current month and year)" These giveaways are everywhere -- Facebook pages, blogs, websites.  In January 2016, I won over 20 books by entering giveaways.

6.  Garage sales, thrift shops, yard sales.   There seems to be an abundance of books at garage sales and thrift shops.  They may not be the most current books, but you might find your new favorite book.

7.  Book sales, Library Sales.   Don't confuse these with book fairs that often feature new (and pricey books).  At most book and library sales in my area, prices are often $1 or less per book.  I've found some real treasures at these events, and while I might end up spending a good bit at once, I will have a huge to be read pile.  (Sometimes too huge! Ha!)  I have even bought boxes of books at auctions for $1 or so a box.  Of course, you never know what might be in there,  it might be nothing of interest to you.

Happy reading!


  1. There's also but it's kind of dead. Still, it's a good place to sometimes find books!

    1. I forgot about Bookmooch. I haven't been on there in years! :)

  2. PaperBackSwap lost me when they started charging fees. Between the time it takes to list books and mail them to earn the credits and the fees I pay to get a book, it just wasn't work it. I can get a used book from Amazon or Ebay for about the same cost (includign shipping) and I don't have to worry about having a credit to get the book.

    Used book stores are also great, especially if you can sell them your old books. Our local stores don't always buy the books, but they will normally at least give you credit.

  3. I love this subject! May your blog be blessed. :-)