Monday, April 11, 2016

5 Ways to Win a Voting Contest

Voting contests are something that people who love to enter contests and sweepstakes either love or hate.  I have won a few nice prizes with voting contests, but I rarely do them anymore because it seems that too many people don't follow the rules.   I have been in a couple voting contests where people were cheating and the sponsor said it wasn't in the rules that they couldn't cheat, so they allowed it and awarded the prize to them.  I had another sponsor tell me that if I didn't like someone else cheating, to cheat myself.   I refused.  I value honesty more than I do a prize!

Here are some tips to winning a voting contest.

Don't cheat.  This means don't buy votes.  It also means not to figure out another way around the system.  Unless the rules say voting is unlimited, it usually is restricted to one vote per day or through the entire contest.  Buying votes or cheating in another manner can get you disqualified and you're wanting to win, not be disqualified.  It may be tempting, but DON'T DO IT.

Find a group of like minded people.   It might be difficult to find a group of people who don't cheat but enter voting contests but they are out there.  I don't recommend vote swap groups because that is sometimes seen as a "form of payment" (vote for me and I'll vote for you) and can get you disqualified.

Use social media to your advantage.  Did you know that if you add a photo to your Facebook post and then add a link your post will be seen by more of your friends?  Use this trick to appear in more newsfeeds.

If it's a large voting contest, get the media involved.   If you are a semi-finalist to win a large prize, don't hesitate to let the local TV, radio, and newspaper know.  A few years ago, a video I entered for a local school made it to the finals of a voting contest.  I got the word out by being interviewed on television, in multiple newspapers, and the school board actually sent out e-mails to everyone on their e-mail list asking them to vote.  Unfortunately we didn't win the grand prize, but we did win a runner up prize of $5,000.  (Pretty nice runner up prize!)

Do something fun!  I was in a three month long contest and had cards printed up with a picture of my entry.  I gave information about voting and told about a voter's prize the company was offering.   I even ordered two t-shirts with my photo entry on them, and a number of strangers mentioned my shirt, and I was able to tell them about the contest.   Another time, I was in the finals of a voting contest for a candy company.  I bought a package of that candy and attached voting instructions to it and handed it out to everyone I knew -- and some people I didn't know.

Voting contests are hard work!  But they can be rewarding.  I hope some of the tips that helped me help you!  I wish you the best of luck.

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