Thursday, November 17, 2016

Preparing for Black Friday And Cyber Monday: Christmas without debt

FTC disclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links, all opinions are my own.

If you have been following the Christmas without debt series, you should have some money saved up this month for buying the things you want to purchase for others as gifts.  But hold on, let's save money money while we're spending, don't you think?

First off, have a list of everything you want to buy.  Check prices NOW, before Black Friday and Cyber Monday and jot down prices at three stores.  So now you know what price you want to beat.  Sometimes the sales over Thanksgiving weekend aren't the best deals out there and that's not what we want.  We want to save money.

Secondly, sign up at all three of these shopping portals.  This is a way to get cash and points back for your purchases.

I am a heavy Rakuten user.  This site is fantastic because it gives you cash back on your purchases at over 2,000 stores AND it also provides current coupon codes for you.  It doesn't get much easier than that!  Instead of going directly to a store, go to Ebates and then search for the store and money will be automatically added to your account.  Plus this month when you make a purchase of $25 or more, you will get an additional $10 in your Ebates account.  So if you find a 30% off coupon, you can use it, as long as your purchase is over $25 and still get $15 back!  That's a fantastic deal.

Secondly, sign up for Mypoints.  I've been using this site since 1999, and like Ebates, I have earned hundreds of dollars back from shopping.  Mypoints is having an offer where if you spend $20 (after coupon codes etc) at any of the hundreds of stores linked to their site, you will get an addition 1750 points.  (That is enough for a $10 gift card.)  These points you use to redeem gift cards from a variety of stores such as Amazon, eBay, and Paypal.  There are hundreds of others, too, but these three are my favorite!

Thirdly, sign up for Swagbucks.  Through this site you can earn points called SB through a variety of ways.  I've got nearly enough in my Swagbucks account to cash out for a $50 Amazon card, and you better believe I'll be doing some Black Friday shopping with that!  Through this site you can earn SBs through shopping, polls, surveys, and more.  Their special bonus this month is if you spend $25 starting from their site, you will get 200 SBs as a bonus.  (It costs 500 SBs for a $5 gift card.)

Last, make sure you are signed up for Ibotta.  You might think this is only a grocery app, but I have seen rebates for Perfume Sets, DVDs, and even Carmex products.  (Think stocking stuffer).  Their special offer for November is sign up and get $10 EXTRA on your first purchase of a non-any-brand rebate.  So honestly, you could sign up, pay $1 for a Carmex product, and get $10.25 in your Ibotta account and have a stocking stuffer.  (You need $25 to cash out, but there are so many rebates including any brand milk, cereal, etc. that you can earn that $25 quickly.)

Now that you have your shopping list and apps, the third thing is to be patient.  You can usually find a deal on almost anything on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

I will be posting some of the best deals on the Books Bargains Blessings Facebook page as well as sending out a a newsletter to your e-mail probably daily from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. 

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