Friday, December 9, 2016

The Trick to Finding Cheap Items for Free Super Saver Shipping at Amazon

FTC disclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links.

It seems this time of year everyone is ordering from Amazon.  I sometimes order multiple times a day if I find a good deal.  I have Prime so it's not a big deal to me.  (Hint:  This would be a good month to sign up for a free trial!)

But if you don't have Prime, sometimes you need a small item to boost your cart up to the $25 or $50 amount for free shipping.

Here are some searches that often bring up inexpensive items:

I chose to link to books because it works for book orders or other item orders.

Dover Sticker
Dover Activity books
Dover Classic Books   (some of these are as low as $1.00!)
Decorative notebooks

So how can YOU learn to find something you would LIKE to use as a filler item?

Type in a keyword.  I've found DVDs as low as $5, stickers are often an inexpensive item, as are crayons and other office supplies such as pens.

Start looking at the lower priced items.  I have Prime, so a prime only button shows up on my page.

You want to find something in stock at Amazon (it can be sold by someone else as long as it says "fulfilled by Amazon"

Before I had Prime, this was a quick and easy way for me to find something I could use to give to others as a stocking stuffer or something I could use myself.  Many times it was cheaper to order an extra item than it was to pay for shipping!


  1. Thank you for the information of Amazon fillers and for the free book from Tyndale. For this, I truly appreciate your gift.

  2. Thank you so much for the chance!!! I like to search for Add Ons to find lower priced items, but I can't wait to try yours too and see what new, low priced goodies I can find!!

    I also voted for #4 for you, and you are now tied with #1 with 38% each!!! Good luck, I hope you win :)