Monday, December 4, 2017

She Reads Truth Bible Review

FTC disclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links.  I received a free copy of this Bible to review.  All opinions are my own.

My very first impression of the She Reads Truth Bible was "It's Heavy!"as it is almost four pounds.  There is  the She Reads Truth Bible was how heavy it is.  Weighing in at just under four pounds, it's nearly the weight of the barbells I use to work out.  (Puts a whole new meaning on strengthening yourself in the Word, doesn't it?)  I have made heavy Bibles my main Bible in the past, so I wouldn't discount this just because of the weight.  There is the a lighter version in LeatherTouch weighing in at 3.2 pounds.  However the hardcover Bible does come in its own slipcover making it extra nice, and the color is really pretty.  (The official color is "Poppy" but I kind of think of it as a rose-peach.  This would look beautiful on any bookshelf with a display of nice looking books.

The only version it comes in is the Contemporary English Version, also known as the CEV.  This is a version that was produced by the American Bible Society.  In my opinion it would be nice to have other versions available because this is such a nice Bible.

It has wide margins, but the paper is thin, so I would only recommend the margins for notes and not for Bible journaling.  Still lots of room for notes is important to me, and given this Bible weighs as much as it does, I'd rather have thinner paper for notes than thicker paper that can be used in crafting as well as devotional time.

Too often in the past I have dismissed women's Bibles because they seem to the Lite version of study Bibles, but not so with this one.  Each book has a great introduction to help you understand the who, where, why, and when of each book.  When has always been a hard one for me and so the timelines of when books were written and Biblical events will be of great value. (There are 35 timelines in all!)

This Bible pretty much has everything I would want in a Bible.  There are:

  • 189 devotionals
  • 66 illustrated key verses
  • 35 full color timelines
  • 20 full color maps
  • 11 full color charts
  • Reading plans for EVERY book of the Bible
  • One year Bible Reading Plan
  • Detailed book introductions
  • Key Verse List
  • Topical index
  • Wide margins

It is also just beautiful.  The hardcover is a lay flat version and would make for lovely Instagram photos with a cup of coffee or your cat by your side.  

There are 2224 pages (plus contributors pages).  Even though I was top Bible quizzer in my state in high school, this has so many helps in it for everyone -- from someone who is just starting to read and learn about the Bible to someone who has been involved in Bible study for years.  

I would HIGHLY recommend this Bible.  It would make a great gift to any woman who is a young Christian, as well as anyone who is further along her Christian journey.  

I just wish this Bible would have been out when I was in college.  I think I would have ended my search for just the right Bible over 20 years ago, because this is everything I have wanted in a Bible.

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