Sunday, April 28, 2019

Pizza Hut on a Budget -- Use the app!

One of my travel tricks is earning points on everything I can. Another trick is getting things at a discount, and my third trick is when traveling sometimes I want something delivered, or if we are on the road, I want my meal ready when I arrive. 

I know that Pizza Hut and bargain are not words that often come in the same sentence for me, but I have been highly pleased with the prices we have found through the app.  I have ordered everything from $5.99 two topping large pizzas, $5 medium three topping pizzas, and 50% off regular menu prices.  What we order depends on what the special is.  I've actually found that Pizza Hut can be just a little over what a premium frozen pizza costs at the grocery store!  Who knew? 
Where I live, Pizza Hut doesn't deliver so I'll often use this for carry out orders.  It is not applicable if you eat in.  So that means I can't earn points for my occasional lunch buffet.

The rewards seem reasonable, too.  I hate "rewards" programs where you have to earn for years to earn anything.  It only takes 150 points to get a free medium two topping pizza. 

One thing I like about the app is there are better deals than you would get calling the store, and some of them are some pretty good specials, too, so when you are thinking of pizza and are on a budget, don't forget Pizza Hut. 

One of my favorite travel hacks is I order from a place about 15 minutes down the road, and the pizza is usually ready when we arrived, so no waiting.  It was as quick (if not quicker) than going through a drive through -- only cheaper than what we spent at a burger place for lunch, and we had leftovers!  Only downside is we can't eat it in the restaurant.  (But that saves on drinks and tips, right?)  Any seasoned traveler should have drinks in the car when traveling to help save money.  

In fact, the prices I have found at Pizza Hut have been cheap enough that I am considering changing the menu for my annual party to Pizza Hut.  Usually we have hot dogs and chips, but by the time I purchase the hot dogs, buns, toppings, make chili topping, etc., I think pizza would be just as cheap as long as Pizza Hut is running a good promo when we schedule our party!  I never would have dreamed I might consider feeding over thirty people pizza!  But it could be just as cheap!

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