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The Three Types Of Sweepstakes That Are Easiest To win

When I was growing up, I often hear, "Nobody ever wins those things" in regards to sweepstakes and contests.  I jokingly tell people these days I am "Nobody".  I am a consumer first, and I enter sweepstakes and contests second.  I tailor part of my shopping around promotions.  To me it only makes sense.  It started when I learned about coupons and refunding.  People often would say back then, "Buy generic, it saves money."  By combining coupons and refunds, I would often get products for pennies and I would think, "I don't have the money to spend on generics.  I have to buy name brands!"  It's funny, but it's true.

The same goes for sweepstakes.  I love ramen.  I don't eat it as often as I would like, because while it's inexpensive, it's not one of the more healthy meals.  I was recently in Weis, and I saw a cup of ramen with information about a sweepstakes on it.  I purchased that package because I was going to buy some ramen, and I wanted to learn more about this giveaway.

So what sweepstakes are easiest to win?  There are three that stand out to me:

1.  Locals and those with narrow demographics.

This summer, a convenience store local to us is giving away 3 prizes of $100,000. That's HUGE money.  I'm not entering because I'm ineligible because my husband works for them.  But it's one I would make a point of entering if I could.  Why?  There is the short entry time.  One month per prize.  Also, it's only open to six states.  Finally, the way they are promoting it is with a purchase, but if you go into the rules, all sweepstakes have to have a "no purchase needed" method of entry if you are in the United States.  (This is not true for contests, which are based on skill.  They can require a purchase.)

Six states is a small area -- but it's possible to find sweepstakes that are only open to your state -- which makes your odds even better.  Maybe you can find ones open only to your city.  Those are the most winnable because there will be fewer people competing for the prizes.

Giveaways open to the smallest demographic possible are easiest to win because once again, there will be less competition.  I have on occasion found giveaways that were open to guinea pigs only.  My guinea pig has a Facebook page and is pretty well known in the guinea pig community, so I see these from companies selling items for guinea pigs.  My guinea pig won an acorn house from one, and loved it so much that I purchased another and he talks about his "acorn" on his Facebook page occasionally.  This is what sponsors love -- someone who learns about them through a promotion and then become consumers.

2.  Ones open for a short time and those that aren't well known.

If a sweepstakes is open only for one day, it's going to get far fewer entries than one open for eighteen months.  Twitter is a great place to find these types of sweepstakes.  Use my strategy above and follow some companies that are local.  Sometimes the twitter post will ask you to retweet, other times it will give you a link to follow.  Also, reading your "gray mail" that comes into your e-mail can also give you the heads up on short giveaways.  Gray mail is advertising sent to you after you have signed up for something.  It's amazing how many short time giveaways there are.  Sometimes authors have one day only giveaways for an Amazon gift card.  Prizes may be smaller, but your chances are better.

One thing I often do is search twitter for little known giveaways.  I use over the counter medicated shampoo which isn't exactly cheap, and I once found a giveaway for a bottle of a brand I had never tried.  I entered, and I won.  Why?  I was the only entrant.

3.  Those that take extra effort to enter, especially if they are skill contests.

Many times these are contests that are based on skill, but not always.  If you have to write something, take a photo, or do other things to get entries (such as many blog giveaways where they ask you to visit multiple pages, etc) your chances of winning are going to increase just because it takes extra effort.  I once won a $100 gift card with a video I made in about five minutes.  There were under a dozen entrants.  If the company had only asked for you to submit your name and e-mail there would have been thousands of entrants.  Also, if it is a skill contest, don't go with your first thought.  Many will have that first thought, do something a little different to help your entry stand out.  I don't mind purchasing props within reason.  Just make your entry stand out!

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