Friday, September 6, 2019

My First Two Months with PowerSheets

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I have wanted a PowerSheets Goal Setting book for a long time.  When I was able to find a brand new one for 2019 at a Goodwill Outlet, I didn't care that I was several months into the year.  After all, my birthday is in July, and I always feel like July is another good time to make changes in my life.  (I feel like I get three "new starts" a year -- January, of course, July, and September.  I haven't been in school for over 20 years and don't have kids, so I don't know why I still see September as a new start, but I do.

The first 67 pages of Cultivate what Matters is all about where you want to go in live.  It was a lot of FUN work to get it all written out so I could condense it into my goals for this year of my life.

They ended up being:

1.  Financial.  Out of debt.  Our car paid off.  A fully funded Emergency Fund.
2. Health.  Lose weight.  Be able to walk longer distances. 
3. Declutter.  Get rid of stuff.  Make steps toward moving.
4. Learning.  Learn German.  "Unschool" myself.
5. Spiritual.  Not sure what this meant when I made the goal.
6. Create.  Time for crafting.  Cross stitch.  Crochet.
7.  WIN.  Enter lots of sweepstakes
8. Rock eBay Have 4,000 items on eBay by my next birthday.
9. Prepare.  Be able to survive if a job layoff or natural disaster
10.  Passive Income.  Continue creating shirts on Amazon, Mom's books on Kindle, etc.


I got in the habit of doing a German lesson daily on Duolingo. 
I created a cross stitch sampler in July. 
My exercise log was entirely blank.  Good intentions, no execution.  LOL
I decided to try and start an herb garden to begin learning how to plant and grow thing.  My husband tossed it after it started growing not herbs, but mold.
I have my classroom nearly set up so I can interview with VIPKids or another group that teaches English online.
I started dipping into the huge bag of plastic bags I have collected to create plarn with them for use in crotchet.
My blogging efforts didn't turn out as I hoped as I wrote only one blog post in the month of July.

This was a baseline of our finances to see how I do from month to month.


I went to a celebration my husband's company had and got sick.  I even missed going on the cruise we had planned on going on the next week. 

Also, my beloved guinea pig who I had for six years died in August.

So August wasn't as productive as I had hoped.

We paid down over $400 in debt.
My credit score went up by 2 points.
I got caught up with snail mail sweepstakes
I listed so little on eBay that my monthly total was DOWN after sales.
I created 45 new T-Shirts on Amazon Merch
I only decluttered five days.

Pretty much August was a bad month for everything. 

Because of the economy, even with depositing money in my husband's 401k, the value of it dropped by over $100. 

So that is how July and August went with Powersheets.  I hope September is much better!

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