Thursday, February 17, 2011

$78 for $14 -- then free

Granted, once again I think CVS prices are high so to say this would have been $78, it certainly wouldn't have been that much at Wal-Mart or Dollar General, but I still had a good shopping trip tonight.  (The 90% off items were about $28 overpriced at their original price, but at 90% off I felt they were bargains.)

I walked in CVS and saw a cart of 90% off items.  I bought four packages of trial sized bottles that also included toothbrush holders.  Full sized toothbrush holders are my favorite for even at home, and sometimes it's difficult to find them at reasonable prices.  (Dollar Tree has them off and on, but doesn't seem to ALWAYS carry them.)

Also, there were packages of toy soldiers for 30 cents a package.  (I think an original price of $3 was high, as I see these at Dollar Tree.)  I have an ice cream party every summer, and one of the big "hits" with the children is a pinata.  Last year on a whim I bought a package of toy soldiers to include and even the girls were excited when those started falling from the pinata, so when I saw these, I decided to get them for this year.  (Who knew the kids would enjoy those junky toys so much?  Then again, kids tend to enjoy junky toys, so is it really a surprise?)

Also, on this trip I bought four packages of U by Kotex pads as well as two tubes of Colgate Total toothpaste.

Finally I bought 3 12 packs of Fresca.  My mother can't drink caffiene, she can't have sugar, and recently cola has been banned, so Fresca is a clear soda and it fits what she CAN drink.

After my coupons I paid $14.46.   Well, rather, I paid nothing.  I earned a CVS card with a points program online and used that, so really I paid NOTHING! 

I also received $10.58 back in Extra Care Bucks for next time I shop at CVS. 

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