Thursday, June 16, 2011

Couponing to a T.

I did an interesting deal today.

I noticed a while back I needed to replace some of my summer t-shirts.

And in the May issue of All You, there was a $5 coupon that was good on Just My Size shirts.

I had won a $50 gift card, so I used that to buy some extra All You magazines.

Today I purchased 5 t-shirts that were $6 each.  After coupons, today I paid $5 for ALL.  (Of course, I bought the magazines for the coupons, so at $1.88 each for those, I paid $2.88). 

But $2.88 for a new T-shirt isn't bad when you need them.  :)  I still have a few coupons left to use before they expire, too!  Might go with something more than just a plain t-shirt next time, but the plain ones were cheaper, and they are easier to pair with more items.

1 comment:

  1. Ha, I did one of the coupons too! I picked a $7 shirt and was using the $5 coupon. The cashier just kept turning the coupon over and inspecting it and acting like it tainted. She kept saying,"This would make the tee shirt only $2.". She had to call in back up to make sure it was okay that I was only going to Pay $2.. ha ha.