Friday, September 23, 2011

Cough, cough, cough

Did you know that some cough drops have "pep talks" on the wrappers? 

"Fire up those engines"
"Impress yourself today"
"Get through it"

I realize I could choose not to read my cough drop, but come on, it's hard not to read those few words on the wrapper when you're desperate for relief, and quite frankly, they are slightly annoying when you're coughing hard!

So, I think you now know where I've been the last couple weeks!  I've been pretty sick with a cold.  For some reason when I get a cold it takes me out for the longest time.  This is day #14 of it, and I had a doctor's appointment today to go over medicines.  He was quite interested in the fact I've been sick as long as I have, and I still have a fever.

Thankfully I'm feeling better, and hope to get back into blogging regularly!

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