Monday, April 30, 2012

Book Review: Plain Perfect

Plain Perfect (Daughters of the Promise, #1)Plain Perfect by Beth Wiseman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Warning: contains spoilers.

I would give this three stars except I realize that I'm not usually a novel reader and to expect a novel to measure up to non-fiction isn't exactly fair to either genre since they are both unique. I happened across this book recently and while I can't say it's an amazing book, it is an enjoyable read that was a sweet love story.

My biggest problem with it is it seemed so predictable. I knew from the outset what was going to happen, but even so, a good writer can make a predictable story shine, and that's what Wiseman did.

Lillian needs a change in her life. She leaves her boyfriend in Texas and moves to Pennsylvania to live with her Amish grandparents. I very much enjoyed her struggle over worldly and Amish ways. I think anyone who lives in another culture struggles over how the way they do things conflict with those around them be it living in another country or living in a different culture within our own society.

As in most romance books, I found Samuel almost too charming, although cared more for his son than for Lillian during their courtship, which was commendable.

In addition to this being predictable, the other thing I wondered about it was how likely it would be that it could happen. First, few "English" come into the Amish world. I would have thought that Samuel would have taken a much longer time in courtship with Lillian especially since she did not grow up Amish, how could he be certain she would not return to the ways of the English? Although a sweet love story, I had to wonder how wise he was in choosing her as his bride.

Would I recommend this book? Only to someone who likes novels, especially Amish fiction. It's not one I would rave about to others, but it is a fun, light hearted read. Because I did enjoy this book I gave it four stars since I am not typically a fan of novels, and I feel that giving it three stars wouldn't do it justice. I read it almost straight through, so it was good, just not my usual in books!

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