Saturday, April 21, 2012

Weekend Mail Wrap-Up 4/21/12

It's time again for another edition of Weekend Mail Wrap Up where I showcase the goodies that showed up in my mailbox this week.

Monday started with me receiving a Hamburger Helper prize pack I won over at Your Fun Family.  Included in this were two boxes of Hamburger Helper, a bowl, spoon, and trivet.  A very fun win, and looking forward to trying the new Cheesy Italian Beef and Ultimate Beef Stroganoff flavors of Hamburger Helper.

I won a $25 Dollar General gift card as well as a Hanes Comfortfit bra two pack.  A bottle of Essie nail polish, and a copy of Frank Peretti's book Illusion: A Novel .  I'm really excited about this book because I've been a Peretti fan for over twenty years, and really looking forward to his latest novel.

While not in my mailbox this week, I went to a book sale and the books I purchased for myself include:

The Life Surrendered: A Young Mans Plea for His Generation to Abandon Hypocrisy The Message: The Bible in Contemporary Language
Blue Like Jazz: Nonreligious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality  (I was happy to find this at a book sale.  I'm not sure where my copy is, and I want to re-read this book as I watched the movie last night.)

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