Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekly Mail Wrap-Up June 23

It was a very slow mail week around here.

I received a $5.99 refund check.

I also received a Kringle I had one.  It was delicious and my only complaint about it is I planned on having a birthday Kringle instead of a birthday cake.  The company got mixed up on which month to send it and sent it in June instead of July.  Oh well, I celebrated West Virginia's birthday with a Maple Walnut Kringle.  I had been entering their giveaway for about four years so was excited when I finally won!  It tasted even better than I expected it to, and after four years of entering, my hopes were REALLY high!

I also received a Chiquita Banana Mom kit.  There was a magnetic notepad, reusable grocery bag, magnet, car sticker, and family stickers in the shapes of bananas to put on the back of your car.

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