Friday, August 28, 2015

High School Memories

The building was added on to after I attended school here.
Yesterday my husband and I went to the building where I attended high school to return some chairs we borrowed for our wedding.  I hadn't been there in almost twenty years.  A converted farm house into a Christian school, it holds so many memories for me.  We had 16 students in our school, all the girls being in high school.

I can remember on a college visit, I picked up a postcard that said something like "Answers $1, Correct Answers $5, dumb looks, free"  I gave it to our teacher, and for the rest of the year, we asked for dumb looks and everyone would laugh.

Then there was the day my mother came to pick me up from school.  Our school's goat, Milky Way, was in the driveway, and when Mom parked to pick me up, Milky Way wanted to know what was going on, so he went over and rested his head on Mom's rear view mirror. She tried to shoo him away, and of course, being a goat, he was more persistant in staring at her because he wanted to know what was going on with all the hand waving.

The day always ended with us saying the Lord's Prayer.  One time an eight year old boy didn't want to say the Lord's prayer and so he locked himself in the bathroom and crawled out the window.  One problem with his plan, however, was he always rode to school with our teacher.

We had recess three times a day due to the nature of our studies being so intense.  There was a ping pong table in the basement and we'd often go downstairs to play with it.  But our school wouldn't buy us ping pong balls because they were so often dented or smashed.  We'd play ping pong with tennis balls or badmitten birdies.

I think the one thing I didn't appreciate when I was in school there was the scenery.  In the middle of Amish country in Maryland, rolling hills, cattle grazing nearby.  I had a high school experience that few would believe for many reasons.

Out of the 16 kids who went to our school, I invited six (would have invited a couple more if they lived in the area.)  Of those invited, two came to the wedding, and one of my teachers came.  Still, not a bad percentage.  I think back on it, and those I went to school with that year almost seem like cousins in my mind because of how much time we spent together and how few us of there were.

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