Friday, November 20, 2015

Are there 7 ways to say I'm Tired?

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Are there seven ways to say I'm tired?  Maybe I'll just recount my week and then you can come up with the best way to describe it.

1.  The furnace is finally working. Yes, it has snowed.  Yes, the house has been down to 47 degrees inside.  The first two men we had looking at it wasn't sure what was wrong with it.  Two hundred dollars later and it still wasn't working.  Called a professional.  $65 later we had heat.  *sigh*  I'm thankful for the heat, but I should have called the professional first.

2.  West Virginia allows studded tires for winter.  Where we live they aren't really an option but downright dangerous to drive without them part of the winter.  So, the car went off to the mechanic.  It needed some work due to a spin out in September.  We thankfully weren't hurt, but did land in some bushes by the side of the road.  (Thankful there was a side of the road there as we were on a mountain path where in places there are steep drop offs.)  Cost of this tired? $566

3.  I sell Paparazzi $5 jewelry.  It it cute, sells itself, and is frugal fashion.  The problem is because of my husband's work schedule, I haven't been able to make it to any flea markets or bazaars.  I told him he needed to get his car running.  He learned the battery the used dealership put in his car was not the one that should be in there, and it's probably what caught his alternator on fire.  He has an appointment for his car at the mechanic and he's going to need new winter tires.  I just hope my vendor event next week makes enough to cover his car repairs.

4.  Speaking of cars, this was our last week of our foster / adopt class.  We offered to give a friend from class a ride, and as we were pulling out of her driveway, it was dark, raining, and the black vehicle across the street didn't show up in our rear view camera until we bumped against it.  Thankfully we were going slow.  We were unwelcome visitor's at someone's house that night with our insurance information.  They thanked us for our honesty, though.  And of course instead of driving an old beat up car, they own a 2015.  We don't know yet the cost of this "tired".

5.  My eBay sales have been down.  I attribute this to my "Tired #1".   I haven't listed many new things this month, therefore it's to be expected.  When it's 47 degrees in the house and I'm wearing gloves and my Columbia Peruvian hat with Omni-heat lining I dont' feel much like doing anything but staying under my electric blanket.  I do have to say this hat is the best hat I've ever owned.  I wore it during Hurricane Sandy when we were 60 hours without power/heat in a blizzard.  It has kept me warm, but focusing on being warm meant less of a focus on my job.

6.  I learned the window that is busted out is not a common size and will be an expensive special order.  The DHHR is kind of picky that you don't have any boarded up windows when you foster/adopt.  :)

7.  I did learn that two conventions that I was toying with attending will both be in Las Vegas next year.  I'm more inclined to go because there's only two days between the two events.  So I could go to one, and then either stay in Vegas for two days or road trip somewhere and then return for the second convention.  I have a free admission ticket to the second, but not the first.  Will have to see if I can save up enough money to attend them.  But with the week I have, I feel more like crawling under a rock.

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