Sunday, November 22, 2015

Tips for Holiday Shipping #Zitriom

FTC disclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links.  I received a sample of Zitriom professional packing tape to help facilitate this post.

I sell online.  Full time.   It's important I always have good, reliable packing tape on hand at all times. There have been times I have sent my husband to the store at nearly 11 at night because I realized that I was out of packing tape.

It's important, too. that I have quality packing tape.  I need to be sure the tape sticks to the package and it won't come off until the recipient takes it off.

Plus, I don't want to pay a lot for packing tape.

With the cost of Zitriom professional packing tape being $11.86 -- and that including a free hand held dispenser, I wondered about the quality of this tape, but it exceeded my expectations, and believe me, I have experience with tape!

I have shipped over 10,000 packages in the last 18 years.  Here are a few tips for shipping.

1.  Tape your package well.  I have heard of some people who rely on the stickiness of certain boxes and mailers.  Don't.  I've heard of too many of these coming open in transit.  An extra couple inches of tape, especially as inexpensive as Zitrion is, gives you peace of mind that your package will arrive closed until it reaches its destination.

2.  Packing material.   I don't care if you use blank newsprint, bubble wrap, or packing peanuts, make sure your item can withstand whatever might happen.  With enough bubble wrap, tape, and cardboard you can make sure any item gets to its destination unharmed.  I have even made boxes to fit into flat rate bubble mailers and have successfully mailed coffee mugs in a bubble mailer by making my own box that fits inside!  That's why good packing tape is a must!

3.  Be aware of shipping costs.  I received a box earlier this year that cost the person almost $18 to mail because they used a large flat rate priority mail box.  There was nothing fragile in the box, it was just candy, and mostly air.  It could have easily gone in a flat rate bubble mailer and saved the person about $12.  Even putting it in their own box would have been a savings of about $10.  Watch weight, distance, and size.   Check out the site of the shipping company you are wanting to use to get an idea.  Amazingly, sometimes one inch can make the difference between a regular package and an oversized (and very expensive to ship) package.

4.  If you think you have enough tape on the box, add some more.  Tape is one thing I don't skimp on.  It's the "glue" that holds your package together, so to speak.  There is nothing I hate more than finding an opened package in my mailbox and I make sure that doesn't happen to any I mail.  Tape is inexpensive, especially Zitriom, and the extra peace of mind it gives you is certainly worth it!

5.  If you ship tons of stuff like I do, even though Zitrion has a tape dispenser, this two in one tape dispenser is well worth it in my opinion.  Zirtiom tape fits perfectly in there, and it allows me to tape my packages even better than using a handheld dispenser.  After shipping 10,00 packages, I wonder why I didn't invest in it sooner, it makes packing even easier.  But if you only ship a few packages,the free red handheld tape dispenser is all you will need!  :)


  1. This sounds like a good packing tape. I will have to check Zitriom out. Thanks for the review.

  2. These are some great tips. I really like the tape dispenser.