Sunday, January 22, 2017

Christmas Without Debt: January Clearance Sales

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Hopefully you made a tally last month of everything you will need for next Christmas.  January is the time to buy those items!  This is the month that many things go on clearance, sometimes as low as 90 percent off -- or even 25 cents an item.  Usually gift wrap can't be bought at this super low price, so I recommend that being bought right after Christmas and not waiting and watching sale prices so you can have the best selection.

This week, I stopped in at Target where all Christmas items were 90% off.  There wasn't much left, as I was a few days into the sale.

However, I stopped at Dollar General on Tuesday to buy something and saw their Christmas items were 25 cents each.  I ended up going to twelve Dollar Generals over the next few days.  I got Christmas cards as low as 30 for 25 cents.  The most expensive retail priced item was a huge package of decorations that was originally priced $18, and I paid a quarter for it.  I loaded up on all kinds of items -- some will go on eBay, some will be made into gift baskets for local schools' fundraising purposes, and some I will use.  There were adult coloring books, children's t-shirts, tablecloths, canned pumpkin, cookie mixes, plaques, lip balm, playing cards, wax scents, hand washing soap, air freshener, and much, much more.

The tablecloths, party paper plates, napkins, cups, etc. will go into my "Party Supplies" tub.  I love to host parties, and they are always informal enough that it doesn't matter if my tablecloth is out of season, or if I am using leftover wedding paper plates to serve snacks.  Everyone comes for the fun and company of each other, and no one cares if I am using napkins that say "Baby's Christening"  (Which I have done before!)

In my opinion, January is the biggest spending month of the year for Christmas supplies.  (Gifts are another story.)

So, take the money you have set aside this month for Christmas and shop the sales.  You can even find stocking stuffers extremely inexpensively right now.

Once you have bought these items, compare it to the list you made last month of what you need for next Christmas.  Mark off what you have purchased and then continue to keep an eye on the items you still need.

Also, if you got married last year, had a baby, or other large event you would want an ornament for, I found a $44 ornament in February the year after we got married for the previous year for only $5 on Amazon so if there is an ornament you would like for last year and haven't yet purchased it, now is the time to add it to your wish list and keep an eye on the price.

Good luck on your extreme clearance sales this month and I hope you find lots of the items you will need for next Christmas for only pennies.

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  1. Thanks for the tips! I just picked up some big, fancy gift bags for a quarter. It's the most wonderful time of the buy Christmas supplies. :)