Saturday, January 7, 2017

My 10 Favorite Blog Posts I wrote in 2017

Each year I like to do a post of the round up of my favorite posts of the previous year.  These are my favorite posts from 2016 and why I like them. These are in reverse order of when posted, with the newest ones at the top.

Embracing Grief at the Holidays was one of my favorites because I was able to weave in a couple stories of my trip to Israel, memories of Mom and Dad and my friend Joey.  It was something I wrote when feeling lonely and missing loved ones on Christmas eve while my husband was at work and I felt very loved and satisfied once I finished this post.

12 Uses for Spiral Notebooks besides the Obvious  was a favorite post because I love office supplies and especially notebooks.  I use notebooks for tons of things -- lists, my blog planner, journal, cookbook, and more.  So this post was really fun to talk about some of the different ways I use notebooks.  Many times these are extremely inexpensive at back to school time, and I always stock up each year.

Christmas without Debt Stocking Stuffers  was a very popular post of mine this year, so I know it wasn't just me who enjoyed it.  I love teaching people how to save money and this was part of my Christmas without Debt series.  I know one person followed the instructions of it and bought most of the stocking stuffers needed for her family in August which freed up more money at Christmas for other things.

On Being Bullied -- A Letter to the 13 year old me was probably my favorite post I wrote all year.  It came from the heart, and I had such a good reaction to it -- mainly by those who knew me when I was in junior high, but also from others.  Bullying needs to stop, and I wrote what I wish someone would have told me when I was the one being bullied.  I hope it helps someone else know that they can go on and there will be someone who can help them.

Why I don't Attend Church on Mother's Day  is my annual post about Mother's Day and how I think the Church needs to rethink their approach to it.  I'm 43 and I would like to have kids.  I plan on adopting, and I would like to adopt older kids, so it's likely my kids are alive, they just aren't my children yet.  So do I consider myself a mother?  What about the person who has had several miscarriages?  Or the person whose only child passed away when born?  There are so many sticky situations that can cause women grief if the day isn't handled carefully.

The Ultimate Guide to the best Deals at Sheetz was another of my popular posts.  I love Sheetz gas station and convenience stores (especially their MTO -- Made To Order food).  Being the bargain hunter that I am, I have, of course, been able to figure out the best way to make my dollar stretch at Sheetz, and I share that information in this post.

Five Simple Ways to Improve Your Password Habits was a sponsored post, but even so, it was a very fun post to write.  I need reminding to improve my password habits, and I'm sure others do as well.  I also gave one of my best tricks for a nearly un-hackable password in this post.

3 Tips for Fast, Easy, Fun Scripture Memorization   I was top Bible quizzer in my district (the norther half of West Virginia) my senior year of high school.  I memorized the entire book of Matthew my senior year of high school, and in this post I shared some of the tricks that helped me memorize so much so quickly.

How to Create Your Own Topical Study Bible was a post I wrote about how I took a plain Bible when I was in college and color coded it to give me a "Rainbow Bible" of topics of my own choosing.   If I am looking for a verse in one of those topics, this is the Bible I reach for first, because I know that I can find those verses very quickly and without the use of a concordance.

For a blog that mainly focuses on finances, I had very few favorite posts about frugality.  However, Are you Losing Out by not using Savings Apps  is a favorite of mine because before I wrote it, I really started using the savings apps to see what I would be writing about -- and a whole world of savings I hadn't yet experienced opened up to me.  I love getting anywhere from $20 - $90 a month back because I started using savings apps because of planning on writing this post!

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