Monday, May 1, 2017

Warning; The Mother's Day Survey on Facebook is a Security Risk

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There is a survey going around Facebook asking about your first born.  If you want to fill it out, PLEASE eliminate some of the information on it because it puts your child (no matter their age, and unfortunately even if they are deceased) at risk for identity theft and fraud.

One of the questions asks what day they were born.  Another asks how old they are now.  It's easy to find out Sally was born January 1, 1980.

Another question asks where they were born.  This is a VERY common security question -- and one even asked for official documents such as passports.  Social Security numbers are coded by birth, and it wouldn't take a hacker very long to come up with Sally's actually Social Security Number once they find out where and when she was born.

Third, if you have your maiden name in the username on Facebook so that high school friends can find you easily.  What is one of the most common security questions you get asked?  What was your mother's maiden name.  Again, from passport to credit card applications.

I know you are proud of your child, but please don't put them at risk for fraud or identity theft by giving out this sensitive information.  Hopefully your friends won't use it against your firstborn, but you never know who is out there, and this is stuff I would never post about myself on Facebook, and no one should be posting it about other people.

For more information on how to protect yourself and your loved ones you might want to check out Swiped: How to Protect Yourself in a World Full of Scammers, Phishers, and Identity Thieves.

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