Thursday, May 11, 2017

May 2017 Life Update

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The day my friend Donnie Williams passed away, I caught a cold.  I pretty much just got over it this past weekend.  Whenever I catch a cold, it hits me hard, and this one stuck around for six and a half weeks.  So, I did a lot of sleeping during the month of April, and in early May.  Add to the fact one of my best friends passed away, and that had me extremely sad and I would have been sleeping a lot for that reason as well.

My husband is on a pretty regular work schedule now, with his weekend being Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.  Since I work at home, I use those as my days off as well so we can spend time together and then I can get lots of work done while he is at his shift.  That's why I have been posting on an odder schedule than usual.

I'm still blogging.  I have been writing more freelance items and submitting them for publication lately.  I still am selling on eBay.  I am hoping to break the $20,000 mark of items listed soon.  I joke that I sell overpriced junk, so I know the items I have for sale are not worth that much, but that is what they are listed for -- as I love the best offer feature.

I have also jumped on the Amazon Merch bandwagon.  Basically you design a shirt and list the design on Amazon.  When it sells, Amazon sells it and prints it, and gives you a royalty for your design.  My current best seller is a shirt that says "STAFF  LEMONADE STAND" for kids.

It is two years ago this month that my husband and I got married.  Would you believe I am just now getting around to ordering a photo book of the wedding?  One could say I procrastinate.

After ten years volunteering for the PTO, I thought it might be about time to hang up my hat.  I wasn't accepted into grad school, and if I had been that would have been a good reason to quit.  I am going to give it one more year, and then decide at that time.  I don't have children, so unlike most I don't just quit when my children age out of elementary school.

I'm trying to get back into coupon shopping, but honestly, the house feels so full it might explode at the moment, so I need to do more eBay selling than shopping to help remedy that.

We are still talking about adoption -- and that's a bit up in the air right now.  It will be two years this fall since we had our foster parenting classes.  We are working on things that need done before we can be eligible to have foster children.  So we will see how things go.

The one thing that has been constant in this last month is reading.  I'd wake for a few moments when I was sick, read a couple pages of something on my Kindle, and fall back asleep.  I just finished reading The Handmaid's Tale.  I rarely just read something based on hype, but I read this blog post I Grew Up in a Fundamentalist Cult - "The Handmaid's Tale" was my Reality and it piqued my interest.

We were hoping to go to family reunion this year, but our cars have needed repairs, and it doesn't look like it's going to happen.  Because of where and when the reunion is scheduled, it is actually cheaper to fly to Europe and stay for a week than it is to fly to the reunion and stay for four days.  It's a two day drive from here, but the hotel prices are crazy that weekend in the entire area, so looks like we won't be going.

In news of the weird, we had a massive wind storm about a week ago.  A trampoline wasn't tied down properly, and it took out some power lines and half of our town was without power.  Then the trampoline crashed into -- and damaged -- a house.

For a small town, there's always something interesting happening!

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