Sunday, July 23, 2017

The 100% Legal Way to Get PAID to use Coupons!

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I love using coupons.  I love to go to the grocery store or CVS or Walgreens, and have a cart filled with items, and then scan my card, hand the cashier a bunch of slips of paper (coupons) and then have my total come down dramatically -- sometimes even free!

Yet, as much as I love using coupons, I just found this new trick to making money when you redeem them.

Okay, so it's not money on the outset, but you can turn it into money eventually.

First, make sure you are a member of Swagbucks and MyPoints.

Whenever you see a deal on a deal site where you have to print a coupon, go to one of these sites and click through THERE to print your coupon.

Swagbucks gives 10 SBs per coupons redeemed up to 12 a month.

MyPoints gives 2 points per coupon printed, up to 400 points, and 10 points for each coupon redeemed.  (No limit.)

At MyPoints it costs 3,970 points for $25 in Paypal or to

At Swagbucks it costs 2500 SBs for $25 in Paypal, Walmart, or, with a 10% discount for the first time in a month you redeem a $25 gift card.

So, the better deal is to print the first 12 coupons you are going to redeem for the month at Swagbucks, then print the rest from MyPoints.

If you did nothing else at Swagbucks but printed and used 10 coupons a month, in a year you would have enough for $10 to shop at Amazon.  But with all the searches, videos, polls, and more Swagbucks offers, you will likely be doing more activities than just using coupons.

Also many times, you can find offers on the products you have coupons for at Ibotta and Savingstar! This makes it very easy to really rack up savings, especially if you are buying the item on sale.

Look at this simple scenario:

Item is on sale.
Get the savings from the coupon.
Get the points from the site for redeeming the coupon.
Get savings from Savingstar or Ibotta!

Wow!  I love multiple ways to save, don't you?

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