Friday, August 18, 2017

Pizza Hut Rewards & Travel Hack for App Ordering

I received no compensation for this post.  I just wanted to make everyone aware of the points program and the app!

Did you know about the new Pizza Hut "Hut Rewards" program?  Since I love to earn points on all kinds of things, I signed up when I heard about it.  Unfortunately, you can't earn rewards unless you order on the app or online.  (So there goes points for my occasional lunch buffet purchase.) But it's super easy to sign up.  The rewards seem reasonable, too.  I hate "rewards" programs where you have to earn for years to earn anything.  It only takes 200 points to get a free medium pizza, and last night, our $10 order yielded us 36 points.  (Too bad this didn't exist a few months ago when we ordered 4 pizzas to take a a work crew of teenagers who were volunteering time to help repair homes in our area for people who couldn't afford to hire it done, but next year, when I order online, I'll be happy to know our order counts for points!)

One thing I like about the app is there are better deals than you would get calling the store, and some of them are some pretty good specials, too, so when you are thinking of pizza and are on a budget, don't forget Pizza Hut.  I know that Pizza Hut and bargain are not words that often come in the same sentence for me, but I was highly pleased with our order and price last night.  I looked at the online deals, and chose the one that was best for us.

A travel hack we used last night was we were wanting to get home as quickly as possible.  I looked on the Pizza Hut app, and found a location about 15 minutes down the road.  I ordered, and the pizza was ready when we arrived, so no waiting.  It was as quick (if not quicker) than going through a drive through -- only cheaper than what we spent at a burger place for lunch, and we had leftovers!

I definitely plan on using the app to order again in the future when traveling!  Who knew Pizza Hut would be a trick up my travel sleeve?

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