Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Great Gift Ideas for People Who Love Guinea Pigs

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People often want to get me guinea pig themed gifts, but I have loved guinea pigs since I was about 8 years old.  So it's harder to find things that I don't already have that I would enjoy.  If you want to read about gifts to GIVE guinea pigs, please click here as I also have a blog post on that!

Here are some ideas that would make almost any guinea pig enthusiast "wheek" with joy.

We'll start off with one for the younger crowd -- Live Little Pets Mama Surprise Guinea Pig

While Crayola calls their Scribble Scrubbie a hamster, it really is a guinea pig.

Piggy Parodies has a great coloring book where they put guinea pigs in famous movie posters.

A subscription to Guinea Pig Magazine

Eat, Sleep, Guinea Pigs T-Shirt

Guinea Pig Soap Company sign for the bathroom

A guinea pig "candy" jar, perfect for holding their guinea pigs' cookies

Tell Your Guinea Pig I said Hi decal for their car

A package of 200 guinea pig stickers

Guinea Pigs in Space on Pizza Jigsaw Puzzle 

Guinea Pig Socks

Remember Harry the Dog books from your childhood?  Well he's back with the neighbor in Harry and the Guinea Pig

A Woman Cannot Survive on Wine Alone - She Needs A Guinea Pig coffee mug

A guinea pig wall clock made from a real record

Guinea Pig Salt and Pepper Shakers

Animal Planet Grow Set that includes a Guinea pig

Guinea Pig diamond painting

Tee Shirt design of a guinea pig made from "bean gifts" -- a guinea pig owner will get the humor in this!

Old World Christmas Guinea Pig Ornament

Just a girl Who Loves Guinea Pig Throw pillow Cover  note, you will have to get the pillow as well

Guinea pig "Wheek Squad" cooking apron

"Nerdy" Guinea Pig Cross Shoulder Bag

We Came, We Saw, We Pooped Everywhere Pop socket

Guinea Pig Shoe Charm for Crocs

Guinea Pig Earrings 

Edwardian Guinea Pig Portrait Necklace

Guinea Pig Leggings

Fill a Guinea Pig stocking with candy!

The Guinea Pig Classics -- Classic books like Romeo and Juliet and Pride and Prejudice with guinea pigs telling the stories.

Guinea Pig journal / blank book / notebook

Guinea Pig Duvet

A Guinea Pig Onesie for adults

Guinea Pig Cookie Cutter(s)

Calico Critters Paddy and Paden's Double Stroller set (THRE toy guinea pigs!)

Guinea Pig parents LOVE stuff for their guinea pig.  If you sew, check out the book Sewing For Your Guinea Pig and if you don't sew, check out my list of great gifts for guinea pigs by clicking here.

Finally, check out my guinea pig's autobiography, Almost a Bunny.  Aimed at ages 7-9 she discusses guinea pig care, being a good friend, wanting to be good and then being naughty instead, and being a good loser.  

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