Monday, January 10, 2011

Groceries taller than me

I had a difficult time maneuvering my cart in CVS today.  They didn't even have everything I wanted, and one cart was really not enough.  I had an avalance of items out of my cart -- twice.  When the paper products were stacked on the cart, yes, the groceries were taller than I am!

What I bought:

EIGHT 2 liters of Pepsi and Diet Pepsi  (great to have on hand for parties!)
TWO cartons of Caffiene Free Diet Pepsi
ONE carton of Diet Pepsi
ONE bag Lay's potato chips
THREE boxes Fiber One 90 calorie bars
ONE Snickers Candy bar
TENS cans of tuna
ONE package of 24 rolls of toilet paper
TWO packages of 10 rolls of paper towels

After coupons and such, my order came to $46.57.  This is much more than I like to pay for a CVS trip, and I would have done SOME of my shopping today and some later this week but winter weather in West Virginia is unpredictable, and all of this is stuff we use regularly (aside from the regular Pepsi, but I got that in two-liters because I do occasionally host parties and I'll have it on hand.)

CVS today:  Spent $46.57  Saved $64.81  Received back in ECBs $24.89  (And since some items were already out of stock just a few hours after the sale started for the week, I'll hopefully be able to get back to CVS this week and finish my shopping!)


ONE gallon milk
ONE Lysol no touch hand soap dispenser
ONE bottle hair color
THREE cans tuna

Spent: $15.85  Saved: $16.09   Received back in Register Rewards: $7.00

Not the best shopping trips to start the new year when looking at that much out of pocket, but can't rely on the weather to be good enough to be able to get out later in the week, so needed to get everything today.

Was quite happy to find tuna on sale.  It was on my grocery list and I didn't realize it was on sale both at CVS and Walgreens until I was at the store!


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  2. 8 2-liters of diet pepsi would last me....lets see....8 days. That is, if I don't share with anyone else in the house. I love my diet pepsi!

    On my way to CVS and Walgreens today.