Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cleansing the Word

I posted this status on my Facebook update last night:

And for another edition of "How do I do these things". . . I just got shampoo all over my Bible and I wasn't holding shampoo nor was I in the shower. Grrrrrrrrrr

I got some funny comments:

Wow!?? I feel a radar report might be in order

Does you Bible smell nice now? And what poor timing, with The Rapture so soon

I may regret it, but I'm curious as to learn as to how this happened.

You don't have to cleanse the Word. It's already pure:)

Ok, you started this. Now you have to finish the story.

The word is water, but I still think this is out of line.

The story isn't that great as my status, but I'll share. . .

My church had Far Western Campmeeting for our district at our church on Thursday and Friday.

Without Internet last night (and the night before that, and the night before that) I decided to see if I could pick up a connection from my neighbors last night in my bathroom on my iPod to check my e-mail.

I had at some point set some medicated shampoo upside down in the widow to get the last of it to the top so I could use it.  Unknown to me, some leaked onto the window sill.

I set my Bible down -- directly into the shampoo.  So it was all gooey.  I dampened a washcloth and cleaned off my Bible.

So, like I said, my Facebook status was much more interesting than the actual story.

Certainly not as entertaining as what I did at church Wednesday night, but that's another post, hopefully later tonight since I've not been on much this week!

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