Sunday, May 22, 2011

I'm no longer 12 years old!

I considered calling this post "My Church Split" but usually "church split means something else entirely.

I'm in a Wednesday night class at church with mainly 18-23 year olds.  Never mind the fact I'm the same age as some of their mothers. . . and for the most part I feel like they are my peers.  I really do try to avoid words and phrases such as "USSR", "When I was your age", "video cassette recorder" or even "I remember the first time I got on the Internet".  I almost slipped the other night and said I had a 20th high school reunion coming up this summer.  Some of them weren't even alive 20 years ago.

Anyway, after church a group of us were sitting around goofing off.  "L" asked if anyone could touch their palms to the floor instead of just touching your toes.  I may be obese, but I am flexible.  So I said, "You mean this?" and demonstrated.  "L" asked me how I did that.

Well, I couldn't just leave it at that.  You would think 20 years of life beyond my friends would teach me something, but no. . . .

I just HAD to show off how I could sit on the floor and put my foot on my head.  Impressed the teenagers.

So then someone else showed off a yoga pose that is difficult, and I said to no one in paticular that I used to be able to do splits really well and hadn't tried in years.  (I'm sure you're seeing where this is going.)

I have never had any athletic prowess whatsoever, but I discovered in jr. high that not everyone can do splits.  Overweight even then, I did splits better than some of the cheerleaders.  I was able to on my left leg in front split get totally down on the floor. Of course this was 25 years ago.

So I tried a split at church.  Was about 3 inches off the floor.  Made an "oooooh" noise that could be translated as "I'm middle aged.  This was a stupid idea" when  my friend "T" noticed me and called out "Wow!  You CAN do that!"  I, of course, was thrilled that I impressed a 20 year old man who is extremely in shape.

I was still thrilled with my accomplishment when I took some Aleve later.  Wasn't quite as thrilled with my split the next day as my muscles ached from being stretched like I hadn't done in a very long time!

I really think I need to remember I'm no longer 12 years old and should take a second thought before trying to do something I did 20+ years ago even if it did impress my friends!  LOL

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