Monday, July 18, 2011

Local Music Festivals

In 2007, at my (sort of) annual ice cream party, an attendant at a local music festival wandered by our house, saw the spread of scoops and half gallons and asked if he could join us.  I agreed, as he looked harmless enough and there were plenty of  people around.  He is still talked about as the person who crashed my party.  (One friend came up to me and asked, "You don't know him, do you?")  He had somehow lost his shoes, and our mayor's wife went to her home and found a pair he declared "perfect".  He won a door prize, and he (in his new shoes) was on his way after the party.  (Somehow I have a feeling he'll someday tell his grandchildren about my ice cream party and how welcomed he was.)

Well, the music festival has moved to the other end of the county.  We were sitting in traffic for about an hour today when a man went into the woods to -- um -- do his business.  Of course, at that moment the traffic jam eased and he was jogging down the road to try and catch up with his ride.  Instead he jumped on the back of a pick-up and waved for it to drive until we were stuck in traffic again (about another half mile to mile down the road.)

I'm glad the music festival in our area is over for the year and life can get back to normal and hopefully the county will be free of party crashers and those literally hoping a ride from strangers for another year!

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