Friday, July 29, 2011

All That Glitters. . .

We moved into this house 24 years ago.  I have not used glitter since I was a child, over 24 years ago.  Well, I'm doing a deep clean of our house.  I'm in what used to be the junk room, and am down to some residue from the past.  Evidently at some point in time a box of stuff from when I was a child toppled and more boxes were piled on top of the 'topple' as well as the glitter.  There is a layer of glitter on the floor in this area.  Whoever invented glitter should be given glitter clean up for eternity.

Some of the other things I've found:

  • an old time chair for a "little people" toy
  • the rear end -- just the rear end -- of a Barbie doll
  • a coupon that expired decades ago
  • a badge from Canada's Wonderland
  • photo from a school field trip circa 1985
  • Christmas cards from decades ago
  • a huge stack of newspapers from 1987-1990
I'll be glad when the list square of glittler is eradicated from this room! 


  1. Post the pic of the old coupon!! What a hoot.

  2. I actually tossed it, but I'm sure I'll find something interesting to post a photo of. Actually I'm looking at something now. . .