Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Naming Intruders

When I lived in Asia one summer, a friend I was living with and I were ready to go out the door.  I screamed, and she calmly asked, "Did you see Lenny?"

"LENNY?  You mean THAT THING is Lenny?"  Turns out "That Thing" was a lizard they couldn't exterminate.

I learned to live with Lenny.  In fact living with Lenny was easier than living with "a lizard" or "That Thing".

So, I've taken to naming intruders until they are eradicated.  Living in an old house in a rather rural area we do occasionally get an uninvited guest. Last summer Millard the Mole ambled around our house for a while until we went on to his final reward -- which was when he stumbled into the vacuum hose and met the great dust bunny in the sky -- or at least inside the drum.

So it felt easier living with Millard until his demise when he was "Millard" rather than "That Mole"

So currently, we are living with Mildred.  Mildred is still uninvited, and I'm hoping she doesn't stay long!

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