Monday, April 29, 2013

How are you losing weight?

I posted my weight loss on my Facebook status today.   For those of you wondering, it's 14.6 pounds in the last five weeks.   As expected, someone asked how I am doing "it".  The bottom line is eating better and moving more, but I know that's not the answer they wanted, they wanted something a little more in depth.

Today I'm going to talk about my morning routine and breakfast.

When I get up, I weigh myself.  I want to have an idea what is fluid retention and what is weight gain. I actually count my weight loss one day a week, but I want to know what my body is doing in the meantime.  (This doesn't work well for everyone, but because of some fluid retention problems in the past, a doctor suggested I do this.)

I start on making breakfast.  A few years back I found a crust-less quiche recipe that I have cut in half and often make for breakfast now.  I take 1/4 cup milk, 3 eggs, spinach (it's low in calories, so I don't skimp on it) and a pinch of shredded cheese plus pepper and garlic powder.  It tastes better with cheese baked in, but sometimes leave this out.   I mix this together, pour in a silicone muffin pan which I have prepared with a non-stick spray.  It bakes for 35 minutes at 380 degrees.  The original recipe was a little different, and it called for 30 minutes at 375, but I like my food very cooked, and just this side of burnt.

When I stick them in the oven depends on what exercise I'm doing that day.  I really like Walk Away the Pounds, and if I'm doing Walk Away the Pounds (High Calorie Burn 2 Miles) then I'll stick the eggs in the oven right before I start because the two mile section on this takes approximately 30 minutes.  (This morning I had five extra minutes before breakfast was ready.)  If I'm doing Walk Away The Pounds Express 3 miles, I pause the DVD player after one mile, and stick the eggs in then, and once again, when I'm finished, breakfast is ready.

This is what the eggs look like when I get them out of the oven:

Then I cut them in half, take a slice of 2% cheese and divide it among the 10 halves.  (Again, it's not much cheese but the cheddar peps up the taste and only adds 45 calories!)  Finally, I'm a West Virginia girl, so I grew up always eating ketchup on my eggs.  When I went to college in Tennessee,  some of my friends had NEVER heard of this.  To cut down on calories, I have switched from ketchup to salsa.  Plus it gives it added flavor.  I love spicy food at any time, so this is a great substitution for me.

In the coming days I'll discuss things like what I eat for dinner, eating out (and you'd be amazed how much more often I'm eating out now than before!  There are some healthy options out there!)

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