Sunday, April 7, 2013

The year of (What?)

I did a "Year of Me" where I focused on myself.  Now I'm not sure what I'm in the middle of, but I feel like I'm in the middle of SOMETHING.

I'm decluttering.  That's a huge undertaking.  Most eBay sellers have a huge amount of stuff, and I'm no exception.  I want to decide what to sell, what to put in a garage sale, and what to just toss.  Not to mention the eBay stuff, I have papers from years back.  Recently I found my placemat from Kindergarten.  (Which I must add had the knife backwards.  The knife should face the plate.  Way to teach us how to set a table incorrectly!)

I'm trying to get to bed no later than 2:00.  Since I don't have a job with normal hours, I can set my own schedule.  This means in the past, especially in the days of dial-up, I often worked nights as Internet connections were faster then.

I'm also trying to lose weight.  I have tried so many times on this it's crazy.  I lose 60 pounds in 2006 but gained it back because of stress.  I want to lose it again, and more.  (Plus I want to keep it off this time.)

I have no idea what this project is I'm embarking on, but it's a huge one. 

In the meantime,  stop by my eBay auctions stop by my eBay auctions.  You might find something you can't live without and it will get it out of my house!

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