Thursday, April 4, 2013

I was cut by a public toilet seat!

On Tuesday I went to the dentist, and before my appointment, I went to the bathroom.  I sat down and felt a hard pinch.  I yelled "Ouch" but the friend with me didn't ask what happened.  I didn't realize until later the toilet seat cut me at that time.  What happened was it was one of those business seats with the front cut out.  It was on crooked, and it slid when I sat down.  My skin was pulled between the toilet seat and bowl, resulting in a laceration caused by the pinch.  I went on to my dental appointment

I went to the bathroom later and found there was both fresh and dried blood.  I wondered where it came from found the gash on me! 

I had another dentist appointment that afternoon, and had to cancel it as I was told I needed to make a report saying what happened with the facilities manager.  Then I had to see a doctor to see what vaccines / immunizations they might recommend for someone who was cut by a toilet seat.  (I had to have a tetnus shot and was given some antibacterial ointment.)

It is still sore, and I'm hoping I can prevent it from getting infected!

I have another dentist appointment later this month.  Next time I will NOT go to the bathroom there.

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  1. The story made me wince and say "ouch" all over again!!!!!!!!

    So Sorry Jenn,

    Jimmy in CA