Monday, May 13, 2013

Field Trip!

I have a friend who she and I try to get together twice a month.  Two weeks ago we were discussing when we would get together next, and she said it looked like it would be when she picks me up from the airport after my Faith and Fitness week.  I made a suggestion of another time, and she said it wouldn't work for her, then added her son was going on a field trip.  Parents were driving so I was able to ride with her and be a chaperone for the day.  (Or as her son asked while pointing to our identification, "Why does that say a "Chapter One?")

We went to the Carnagie Science Center in Pittsburgh.  We saw a show about light and it's properties, spent time in the museum including the SportsWorks, and also saw the iMax movie "Flight of the Butterflies"

It was a fun day and I hadn't been on a 3rd grade field trip in three decades!

Infrared me:

I'm taller than this robot!

 I'm in the science center and I still find a sweepstakes to enter!

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