Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tough Week for Weight Loss

This past week has been a tough week for weight loss for me.  To begin, something out of the past started weighing heavily on my mind.

Then there was the "normal" stresses of the week.   First thing that happened was a $300 item I sold at was returned saying it was an unauthorized purchase.  I was thrilled to have sold that because that more than paid the rest of the expenses for the camp for me.  I did get it returned and it's still brand new, and I can resell, but I lost $20 on shipping it.  (The amount given to me to ship it wasn't enough to cover all the expenses, but I didn't mind because I was able to get so much more for it there than eBay.)  THEN someone changed a listing from a single item I was selling on Amazon to a multi-pack.  I'm now wondering if it was changed BEFORE or AFTER my three orders yesterday.  I've currently pulled my items until it gets fixed.  (And hopefully it will!)

Then the car needed work.  Not just one new part as we thought, but it's still in the shop and it's going to be about five hours of labor.

My wound from the toilet seat cut I incurred at my dentist's office started draining again.  I'm hoping that doesn't mean another trip to the doctor.

I'm getting nervous. . . I created this ticket to show how soon I leave for camp!

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