Friday, January 10, 2014

Five Minute Friday: See

You can find out all about Five Minute Friday here.  Basically we are given a topic and we write for five minutes and publish whatever comes out.

Start. . . .

See.  The world around us is a great big place, but how many people go through their lives without seeing what is right next to them?

Recently my boyfriend and I were driving through West Virginia.  I've grown up here.  Lived here my whole life except for two years I spent in college in Tennessee.  We were driving through what I call "The most boring stretch of Interstate".

What did he see?   He saw mountains, hills, trees, the New River Gorge where people bungee jump each year.  Tunnels through mountains, interesting shops with unique names peppering the Interstate.  He said when he moved to West Virginia how many people told him how lucky he was to be moving to such a beautiful area.

What did I see?  Concrete.  Mile markers.  Miles of boring nothingness.  I'm used to it. 

I've traveled that road many times.  He hasn't.  He saw.  I did not.  

Sometimes we become too familiar with our surroundings to see.   Our focus becomes not of the beauty around us but on the mundane.

. . . Stop

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