Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Thoughts on a washing machine overflow. . .

I'm not even married yet and I'm thinking "For This I went to college?"  Backstory:  Growing up I heard what a wonderful blessing it was for women to stay and home, do housework, and have things wonderful for when their man arrived home and how this is God's plan for women.   (I grew up in the 1980s, by the way.  Not the 1950s.)

My boyfriend recently moved into the guest room in our house.  My mother is on dialysis and recently had major heart surgery.  I am thankful for the extra pair of hands to help out.

I had been riding along when taking my mother to dialysis appointments (20 minute drive each way.)  She told me last night it wasn't needed and so I decided to stay home and get some stuff done today.

I got up, brewed a pot of coffee.  We don't have a dishwasher (unless you count my boyfriend and me!) I did as many dishes as our drainer could hold, and then I started prepping the tuna noodle casserole I will have ready for when he and Mom arrives home.  I decided to be extra Donna Reed-ish and started the bread machine.

Then I went to the laundry room.  I had spilled a huge pot of water the other night while doing dishes.  We used every towel in the house we could find to clean up the spill.  I had thrown them in the washing machine, and then I discovered they were frozen in there!  So I thought the way to get them out was to run them through again.  I started the machine and then headed to the living room to sit down with a cup of coffee and enjoy a productive morning before I went upstairs to pack the eBay item that sold so I could get it mailed today.

Then I decided to check the laundry.  There was water everywhere.  I called my boyfriend, located some more towels and mopped the mess.   It was starting to turn to ice in the garage.  Eventually I lugged the towels (wet in a trash bag) upstairs so they could drain some in the bathtub (I hung them breiflly in the garage and they started freezing.)

I don't yet know why the washer overflowed.  Maybe even a burst water pipe.  The temperature was down to minus thirteen degrees the other night.  All I know is there is water in the washing machine, I wrung out the towels that were in there, threw them in the dryer (we'll need something to dry ourselves after a shower).  I'm leaving that for my boyfriend.  And while I'm thinking "For this I went to college"?   He is probably thinking similar.

Tomorrow is another day, though, and maybe on Friday I can be the Suzy Homemaker I was told it was so wonderful to be.  :)

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