Friday, December 4, 2015

7 Quick Takes: Planning, Claw Machines, and a Master Illusionist #7QT

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So it's time for the Friday wrap up of my week.   Here's what has happened.

1.  I was at the fruit market last night and got my guinea pig some not so good celery.  The very center inside leaves were still good, and that is his favorite part.  There were three of them for less than the price of one good stalk of celery.  I gave him one last night and he devoured it.  I haven't seen him so happy in a long time.  He was especially bonded with my mother who passed away in February 2014, so it was nice to see him so happy.  I think for the moment he forgot about her and enjoyed his treat.

2.  My husband and I are still on the quest to master claw machines.  We've won a good bit of stuff, which I am planning on putting up on eBay.  I was a master at claw machines when I was little but my mother always told me it wasn't fair to others to win too much at them.  My husband and I have each picked out one we want to keep from our winnings, and the others will be sold and donated.  I am keeping a purple penguin, and he is keeping a Ghostbuters Domo.

3.  I'm already trying to get organized for the new year.  I am trying to be organized in both goal setting and planning.  I mean, I sell on eBay, sell $5 fashion jewelry, blog, and enter contests as a hobby.  My order from Amazon just arrived and I'll be talking more about goal setting, goal planning, and general planning in a future post, but my husband decided on these items for keeping his 2016 organized:  Moleskin Journal, Pilot G2 .5 mm pens.  (He bought some in black but I'm going to replace them with these blue ones.  Everything for adoption needs to be done in blue.)  He also got some Post-It Flags  Together we have a dry erase calendar.   Because I'm a bit obsessive about being organized and a stickler for promptness, I have a few more things than he does.  I wanted an Erin Condron planner but they are so expensive, but this one was under $20.  Me and My Big Ideas planner.  I bought some planner stickers off eBay and Etsy, some Washi tape, and I'm ready to decorate my way into keeping myself organized in the new year!  I also ordered myself a Mom's Family Wall Calendar.  This is so fun.  I love this, and wish I had seen one like this before now.  I'm not using it the normal way, but for goal achievement tracking.  More on this in a future post.

4.  We finally have both cars working again.  Over $1200 in car repairs in the last month.  I'm franicaly trying to bring in extra money, because on top of this we have house repairs that need done before we can have our home study for adoption completed.  At least now, I will have a car that I can take to flea markets and such and sell my jewelry.

5.  On Monday, the friend who did entertainment at our wedding reception is doing a show in the next town.  He is a friend of mine from college, and an entertainment evangelist who is also a Master illusionist.  If you are looking for a great stocking stuffer, check out his DVDs at  I bought a few DVDs to give to some friends for Christmas.  Including my Uncle Donnie who got drafted at our wedding reception to have to be an assistant.  Scott has performed at the White House three times, so the fact we were able to get him to do our wedding entertainment was absolutely amazing.  I know it's not the normal wedding entertainment, but everyone had a great time, and a lot of my friends grew up in churches where they were taught dancing was a sin, so it was a great way to include everyone in the fun.  Scott will get in town on Sunday and be here all day Monday.  As always, I am sure I'll be drafted as a roadie before and after the show Monday night!  :-D

6.  Eat and Park Restaurants contacted me asking for a photo of Mom and me.  Mom wrote a poem for a Facebook contest they had about six years ago.  They have used that poem every Christmas since then.  I'm looking forward to what they are going to post this year.  Last year they did a great graphic with her poem on it.  The contest was "What the Smiley Christmas Commerical Means to me".  Someone even accused her of copying it out of a Christmas card, but of course she didn't!  Here's the commercial:

7.  I can't really think of a 7th, so you're a little shortchanged on 7 quick takes this week!  :)

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