Tuesday, January 26, 2016

January adoption update

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I can't believe it's late January already.  Winter has finally hit (and boy did it!  Over three feet of snow.)

I won a bed last year, and even though the window in that room is busted out and boarded up, I decided it was time we move to that bed.  On windy nights, the boards rattle in the window, and there's a cool breeze into the room.  But the bed is comfortable.  The most comfortable bed I have ever owned.  (Of course I have slept on the floor a number of years, too, as to give my mother a good bed when hers was no longer useable.  I've gotten used to sleeping on such hard surfaces I didn't know if I would like this bed or not but I love it.)

We are no further along in work done on the house.  We had unexpected expenses last month with our furnace, and so most of our extra money was put into that.  It's been frustrating to feel we move one step forward and two steps back.

We are going to apply to the Catholic Church for their summer work program.  We have the windows, except for two, but need them put in.  Church groups come from around the region to work on homes of homeowners.  I am not sure if there is any income cut off, but if there is, we may be just above it (thanks to the $2,000 bed I won last year.  I couldn't take cash.  It was the bed or nothing, an I won because I produced a video of how badly I needed a bed, so it is a huge blessing.)  But I am hoping that due to all our expenses last year, we can get approved.  Plus the windows are 89 years old.  We had a few of them replaced a few years ago, and there was a note in one saying it was installed in 1927.  Put that into perspective.  That was the year of the first non-stop transatlantic flight.  And the first transatlantic telephone call.  Calvin Coolidge was president.  Amazing the technology that has happened since these windows were installed.  (And I would likely say there are more energy efficient windows out there than were available in 1927!)  ha!

Other than the windows, we are hoping to redo the room that would be our child's.   Again, we have most of the supplies, but not the manpower.  (Thankfully I bought supplies before some big expenses hit.  For instance, I landed in the emergency room the night of my wedding with a really bad stomach bug.  I thought it was appendicitis, but thankfully it wasn't.  Still, $2,000 for the ER bill.)

I am continuing to list on eBay.  I still sell the $5 Paparazzi jewelry.  But, because winter is so unpredictable where I live, I am basically just sharing the link until spring, and then I'll be back to doing parties and shows again.  I am entering contests and sweepstakes hoping to win some stuff we need.  I took on a media assistant job last week.  I blog.  Plus a booth opened up at an antique store near my home.  This is great because the things that are not quite worth it to list on eBay or things I don't want to have to pack, I have a great outlet for them.

I took this weekend off because of the snow storm.  I shouldn't have, but I feel well rested.  My husband worked an additional 18 hours, so I feel like I was being lazy while he was working, but I have felt a constant tiredness for so long that it feels wonderful to be well rested.

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