Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Week Three of the One Month Pantry Eating Challenge

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This week was harder with the one month pantry eating challenge than the previous two weeks.  This was because we haven't had much fresh food in a while, plus our town's water had a yellow tint to it one day, and was muddy the next.  So we had to buy some stuff to drink, and we opted to eat out as well.

On Monday we had scalloped potatoes, bacon, and tomatoes.  Tuesday found us eating at the Walmart deli for lunch and McDonalds for dinner.  (I had a McDonalds gift card I won, so the cost of this was $9.00 for the two meals for the both of us.)  Wednesday we had spaghetti, Thursday's meal was so uneventful I forgot what it was.  Friday I had a dentist appointment and had a coupon for a buy one get one free meal at CiCi's.  I also had a gift card I had been given, so there was nothing out of pocket for that meal.  On Saturday, we had mackerel patties and macaroni and cheese with green beans.  On Sunday we had French Toast with the turkey sausage my husband bought two weeks ago.

Groceries purchased:
Drinks when our water was brown:  $4
eggs:  $2.99
4 packages of cheese:  $7.96 with 50 cents back from SavingStar app
bread:  Kroger FREEbie of the week
gummy bears:  Kroger FREEbie of the week
Lindt chocolate:  Kroger FREEbie of the week
2 jars of spaghetti sauce:  $3.78
Milk:  on sale for $1.98 with 25 cents back from Ibotta
bananas:  59 cents with 25 cents back from Ibotta
orange:  50 cents with 25 cents back from Ibotta
Apple:  50 cents with 25 cents back from Ibotta

So our cost of groceries for the week (minus the food from Walmart deli) was $26.30.   With what I received back from savings apps, that took it down to $24.80.   Add in the cost of the deli food and that takes our our of pocket for the week $33.80.  Still not back for a whole week's worth of groceries.

I'm not sure how well we are going to be able to do this week because I have a tooth sitting on a nerve and am having a lot of dental pain until I can afford to get it taken out.

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