Tuesday, August 23, 2016

August 2016 Goals (and Adoption Prep) Update

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Adoption / House Goals

*We need to get the 89 year old windows replaced.  A church group provided the labor for this.  It was a good thing, too, since the windows weren't measured properly and some extra frames needed to be built around them.  
*A new furnace since ours quit working the last snowstorm of winter.  Still without heat, but it's still summer.
*Declutter the house.  Still working on this.
*Homestudy and paperwork finished  We haven't sat down and worked on this in a while.  There seems to be so much else that needs done.
*drywall installed in rest of the house  
*vinyl plank installed in the rest of the house.


*I want to be out of debt and have a fully funded emergency fund by the end of the year. In more debt than last time I did an update because I was in the hospital overnight and insurance only covered 80% of the bill
*I am taking stuff on a regular basis to a consignment store until the house is decluttered.  I have another 20 gallons of stuff to take to the store.
*I have a flea market booth that I would like to be making a profit from it.  I'm actually now having a difficult time keeping it stocked with everything else I have going on around me.

* List 100 items on eBay each month.  This seems like a high goal without help, but I do currently have over 700 things listed.
*I want to make five or more sales on Amazon each month. I sent two boxes of books to FBA in May, but I am rethinking the FBA selling.  I think it would be better for me to concentrate on eBay.
*I want to have written five e-books by the end of the year and have published five of my mother's. How to Raise Money From a Missions Trip was published in April.  I have published two of Mom's short stories.  Prime Rate or Prime Rib was published in June and in July I published Moses' Snow Farm
*I want to increase my Facebook fan page to 3,000 followers by July 1st, and to 5,000 by December.  Have only increased by 50 in the last two months.
*I want to increase my blog income to at least $200 a month by the end of the year.  I'm taking a course on monitizing my blog and have been reading books such as Pinteresting -- Best Strategies for Brands and Bloggers


*I want to see how much I can save through iBotta each month. $11.00 saved since May
*I also want to see how much I save through SavingStar each month. $26.51 saved since May.
*I want to make a concentrated effort to use SwagBucks regularly.  Only 21 points until another $5 Amazon certificate.
*I want to invest in a shower timer to help save water.  I would like our water bill to be at $75 a month. (This includes our trash bill as well.)  Trying to get out of debt is our first priority.

*I want to get back into the drugstore savings.  I started last week back to shopping at CVS.  I have missed having all the different products in the house and not running out.  It certainly does save to spend the money when these items are very inexpensive and having them on hand.


I want to stay up to date on the youtube "what sold on eBay" videos I watch.  Not been doing this as much as I should, but I still feel I'm pretty informed.
*I want to try and listen to two podcasts a day as I do other things.  Mainly listening to The Side Hustle Show and  Scavenger Life
*I want to read two books a month at minimum.   I am still making great use of my $10 a month Kindle Unlimited subscription (It's free the first month so you should try it out!)  There are many books I've been enjoying on there.  I rarely read fiction, but recently I have read the Aggie's Inheritance series as well as The No Where Apocalypse books.  I have also been reading a lot of non-fiction.

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