Thursday, August 11, 2016

My Easily Repeatable CVS deal August 11, 2016

FTC disclosure:  This post may contain affiliate links.

Having a prescription to pick up, I made my way into CVS today.  I had nothing planned, but I did well anyway, and you can do even better than me.

What I bought:

2 packages of Bounty extra large Select A Size
2 packages Charmin 12 count
1 Hershey's Candy Bar
1 Box Lucky Charms
1 Colgate Max Fresh toothpaste
1 Black Forrest Organic Gummy Bears

Without any coupons or discounts, those items when using my CVS Extra Carecard, cost me a total of $33.51.  (Savings of $14.18, but let's face it, pharmacies are often more expensive than grocery stores if you aren't using all the savings possible to make the most of your pharmacy trip.)

By using my CVS Card, I received $10.24 in Extra Care Bucks

I sweetened the deal by using the 50 cents back on Lucky charms from SavingStar.  To do this, you just sign up, download the app, and add your CVS card and you don't even have to take a photo.

Then I used the 25 cents back on any brand breakfast cereal from Ibotta.  (Repeat as with SavingStar, and then scan the cereal and snap a photo of the receipt.)  If you redeem a rebate other than "any brand" in the first 30 days, you get an additional $5 back!

It might sound like a lot of work, but I am always amazed at how quickly the savings adds up when using savings apps (be sure and check out my whole post on savings apps.)

So for an out of pocket cost of $33.51, I received all the above groceries, $10.24 back for my next shopping trip at CVS, and 75 cents added to my savings apps.  While I've done better, I have to say this was a good spur of the moment trip.

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