Monday, August 8, 2016

How to win #AmazonGiveaway Sweepstakes

In 2015, Amazon started a service called "Amazon Giveaways" In it, an author or company or blogger can give away an item that Amazon sells. Amazon fulfills everything that needs done from picking the winner to shipping the prize.  The sponsor just pays for the item!

While this can be a way for people to increase their twitter following, the majority of giveaways happen to advertise the product.  The author of a self published or small press published book may use this to promote their work.  I've seen a few companies turn to Amazon because it's just easier for them to have Amazon do all the work than themselves.

One of the things to keep in mind when entering an Amazon giveaway is what the requirements are.  I've seen people "give away" things that the 20,000th entry will win.  The problem is, most Amazon Giveaways don't get that many entries.  When I was giving away a copy of my Kindle Book, I had to run two giveaways because I didn't have 450 entries.  (I know that Kindle books aren't as popular as other things to be given away, and I once gave away some Crayola products and had over 700 entrants in about two hours!)

There are three different ways a sponsor can set up an Amazon Giveaway.  They can opt to give the first x number of entrants the item.  There is also the option of every x number entrant will win.  (For instance, the 20,000th entrant like I mentioned above.)  Or randomly where every entry has the same chance of winning -- these can be claimed very quickly or take a long time to win.

There can be no requirements to enter, or the sponsor may require you to watch a video, follow their author page on Amazon, or follow them on Twitter.  Once you meet the requirements and are signed in to both your Amazon and Twitter account, you'll see a bouncy box that, upon clicking, will tell you if you are a winner or not.

I think Amazon Giveaways are a lot of fun because the majority of prizes are books, and I love to read.  You can find them by searching #AmazonGiveaway on twitter or visiting

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